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The corporation, its members and collaborators have participated in a wide variety of projects, which are listed below.


In some cases you will be able to download the reports, annexes and presentations.

All documents are written in Spanish, you will only find their titles translated into English.


2020 - 2021. Characterization of hydrogeological aspects of soils and rocks of the Cerro Seco sub-xerophytic ecosystem, Ciudad Bolívar, Bogotá. Anonymous donors.

2020. Independent evaluation of the modified environmental management plan for the illicit crops eradication program by aerial spraying (PECIG).

  • Report

  • Executive reportAerial fumigation with glyphosate and the risks of water and soil contamination.

  • Presentation at the Environmental Public Hearing for the Environmental Management Plan modification for the illicit crops eradication program by aerial spraying (PECIG)


2019. Geoenvironmental evaluation of the exploitation and benefits projects of potassium and lithium in the Uyuni salt flat (Bolivia). Documentation and Information Center of Bolivia (CEDIB).


2019. Geoenvironmental evaluation of the Quebradona copper mining project located in the Morro de Agua area in Jericó - Támesis, Antioquia, Colombia. Mesa ambiental de Jericó.

2019. Technically evaluate (from the geological, hydrogeological, hydrological, and biological aspects) the resolutions issued by the ANLA within the framework of the environmental licensing of the El Nogal exploratory block as technical support for eventual demands. Vicaría del Sur - Archdiocese of Florencia (VISUR).


2019. Carry out an incidence tour to Guatemala to present the results of the study carried out by TERRAE on the Escobal mine in 2017 and prepare a report on it. Earthworks.

2019. Independent analysis of the technical report generated by the Inter-institutional Board regarding the diversion of the Bruno stream as part of the accompaniment to the Wayuu communities in the framework of the follow-up to Judgment SU698 of 2017. Jose Alvear Restrepo Lawyers' Collective (CAJAR).


2019. Evaluation of the geological, geomorphological, geotechnical, and geoenvironmental studies of the Hidroituango project, Antioquia. Movimiento Ríos Vivos.


2019. Environmental impacts on surface water bodies located in the ​​influence of the northern pit of Cerrejón. Jose Alvear Restrepo Lawyers' Collective (CAJAR).


2019. Preliminary hydrogeochemical and hydrogeological evaluation in a floodplain sector of the municipality of Paz de Ariporo. Anonymous donors.

2018. Review and technical analysis of the environmental documents of the Escobal mining project, located near San Rafael city, Guatemala. MiningWatch and the Xinka People's Parliament.


2018. Volunteer community monitors course for the Protected Area Tucabaca Wildlife Reserve Conservation Unit (Santa Cruz, Bolivia). Probioma


2018. Theoretical-practical workshops for hydrogeochemical monitoring in areas affected by mining in Zaruma, Ecuador. Acción Ecológica.


2018. Preliminary assessment of water quality in areas affected or that could be affected by mining projects. Anonymous donors.

  • Case study 1: Gold mining in Páez stream upper basin and La baja stream lower and middle basin, California municipality, Páramo de Santurbán, Santander, Colombia.

  • Case study 2: Bruno stream basin Coal mining (El Cerrejón coal project), Guajira, Colombia. 


2018. Detailed geological and geomorphological studies for natural hazard assessment. Framework: Tibacuy municipality land planning. Tibacuy, Cundinamarca, Colombia.  INGERCIVIL.


2018. Evaluation of geochemical, hydrogeological and geotechnical components from the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Las Bambas open-pit copper mine. Perú. Cooperacción (Solidarity Action for Development).


2018. Impacts and environmental damages related to water and air pollution and its relationship with public health due to the activity of El Cerrejón (Anglo-American-Xstrata-BHP Billiton) open-pit coal mine. Framework: Tutela (action for the protection of fundamental rights) filed by the Wayuu people of Provincial Reservation (Guajira - Colombia). The Constitutional Court of Colombia.


2017. Geo-environmental assessment on the region of projected open-pit gold mine La Colosa (Anglogold). Upper Coello river basin (Cajamarca, Tolima, Colombia). Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA).


2017.  La Cernidera aquifer environmental impacts generated by the extraction of borrowed material for the improvement of the Galeras bypass. Mayor's Office of Sandoná, department of Nariño - Administrative Board of the Regional Aqueduct.

2017. El Nogal oil block exploratory drilling project geoenvironmental and hydric evaluation in the municipalities of Morelia and Valparaíso - Caquetá, for water and territory defense. Sacred Heart of Jesus Vicariate – South Vicariate of the Florence Diocese (VISUR). 

  • Product 1. Evaluation of the information submitted by Emerald Energy and C&MA in the EIA and the corresponding environmental regulations.

  • Product 2. Technical report on information gathered regarding geoenvironmental, socio-cultural, and economic impacts.

  • Product 2 Annexes.

  • Geo-environmental PrimerSummary results document for the peasant communities.

2017. Asodea urbanization´s building problems evaluation and its possible relationship with seismic exploration activities for hydrocarbons. Sogamoso. Jose Alvear Restrepo Lawyers' Collective (CAJAR).


2017. Oil activity and its relationship with deforestation diagnosis through the analysis of the files of the oil blocks and the available cartographic information of forests. Meta department. GIZ.


2016 - 2017. A technical concept on physical and environmental impacts of El Roble underground copper mine at Carmen de Atrato, (Chocó - Colombia) - Phase I and Phase II. WWF (World Wildlife Fund.).


2016. Support the Huila Administrative Department of Planning to strengthen territorial planning processes in the area of influence of the El Quimbo reservoir. Government of Huila. 

  • Product 1. Support the territorial planning process carried out by the administrative planning department in Quimbo Reservoir influence area.

  • Product 2. Quimbo reservoir influences area municipalities' land use plans review in accordance with current regulations.

  • Product 3. Verification and review of the geo-environmental, hydrological, and risk components of the environmental planning from the Quimbo reservoir and influence area.

  • Product 4. Verification of the subtraction process of the forest reserve law 2 of 1959 is based on the compatibility of the reservoir with the objectives of the law.

  • Product 5. Compilation and verification of studies on natural and induced seismicity and its effect on El Quimbo influence area.

  • Product 6. The compilation, verification, and multi-temporal analysis of ecological flows in the discharge of the El Quimbo hydrological project, the quality of the water, and its effect on the ​​influence area.

  • Annex 1. Terms of reference for environmental impact study (EIA) for the construction and operation of hydroelectric power generation plants analysis. TdR – 014 proposed by the MADS and the ANLA.

  • Annex 2. Report filed in the environmental hearing: El Quimbo hazards analysis related to the Quimbo influence area territorial planning.

2016. Environmental considerations about the El Cerrejón coal project, operated by the companies BHP Billiton, Angloamerican and Xstrata in La Guajira. Constitutional Court of Colombia. Julio Fierro Morales and Ana María Llorente Valbuena. 


2016. Impacts and environmental damages related to illegal gold mining. Framework: Tutela (action for the protection of fundamental rights) filed by the afro communities of the Atrato river (Chocó - Colombia). The Constitutional Court of Colombia.


2016. Impacts and environmental damages related to Puerto Bolívar coal extraction project expansion >P40 Cerrejón (Arroyo Bruno). Framework: Tutela (action for the protection of fundamental rights) filed by the Wayuu Medialuna community (Guajira - Colombia). The Constitutional Court of Colombia.


2016. Geoenvironmental evaluation of the upper basin of the Coello river (Cajamarca, Tolima). Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA).

2016. Geoenvironmental evaluation of potential threats related to the La Colosa gold project (Cajamarca, Tolima).

2015. Report on the environmental licensing process of the oil exploitation project in Puerto Vega – Teteyé corridor (Puerto Asís, Putumayo). 


2015. Environmental assessment of the mining project for the extraction of clays in titles AIT-141 and AIT-144, municipality of Cogua (Cundinamarca). Cogua Verde

2015. Independent environmental assessment of the exploration drilling area of hydrocarbons Serrania of the company Hupecol in the municipality of La Macarena (Meta). Vivos4life.

2015. Theoretical - practical workshops for the hydrogeochemical monitoring in areas affected by mining in Bolivia - Acción Ecológica.

2015. Theoretical - practical workshops for the hydrogeochemical monitoring in areas affected by mining in Ecuador - Acción Ecológica.

2015. Workshop on community environmental monitoring (geochemical and hydrological) in Suesca. Jose Alvear Restrepo Lawyers' Collective (CAJAR).

2014. Independent environmental assessment of the Magallanes exploratory drilling area of the company Ecopetrol in U'wa ancestral territory. AsoU´wa.

2014. Workshop on environmental monitoring (Geochemical and hydrological) in the framework of the Diplomate on crimes against the environment and natural resources in the Colombian Amazon region. Bogotá - Chingaza. Universidad Javeriana - Patrimonio Natural. ​

2014. Rapid survey of water quality in the area affected by coal mining in the Pisba páramo (Tasco, Boyacá). Greenpeace

2012. Geological, geomorphological and hydrogeological study for the declaration of the regional natural park named Escarpe Sabana de Occidente. Asociación Red colombiana de reservas naturales de la sociedad civil.


2019. The unfeasibility of fracking in the face of the challenges of the 21st century. Fundación Heinrich Böll - Alianza Colombia libre de fracking.

2018. Observations of the final draft of the Diagnosis of environmental and social information regarding mining activity and the illegal extraction of minerals.

2015. Public policy and intersectoral actions aimed at the prevention and control of air pollution by particulate matter in large-scale coal projects. Ana Maria Llorente.


2014. Mining in Colombia IV. Socio-ecological and post-conflict justice. Chapter 1. Intersectoral analysis of coal mining in the department of Cesar. An approach from the perspective of risk. Julio Fierro Morales (Compilador).


2014. Mining in Colombia III. Ecological damage and alternative mining model. Chapter 2. Contributions to the conceptualization of environmental damage and environmental liability due to mining. Julio Fierro Morales y René López Camacho.


2013. Mining in Colombia II. Institutionality and territory, paradoxes and conflicts. Chapter 4. A synthetic approach to the environmental impacts of illegal mining. Julio Fierro Morales.


2013. Mining in Colombia I. Foundations to overcome the extractivist model. Chapter 3. Environmental and social implications of the extractivist model in Colombia. Mauricio Cabrera Leal y Julio Fierro Morales.


2012. Mining, Territory, and Conflict in Colombia. National University of Colombia - CENSAT. Chapter II. Territory, financialization, and mining policy in Colombia. Pages 179 - 212. Mining policy in Colombia: the articulation and empowerment of conflicts around private interests. Julio Fierro Morales.


2012. Mining policies in Colombia. ILSA. Julio Fierro Morales.



2016. Palynological record and paleoecological history of the closing coastal cord of the Navío swamp, Los Flamencos fauna and flora sanctuary, La Guajira - Colombia. Undergraduate thesis. Juan Francisco Díaz.


2016. Sedimentology, petrography and provenance analysis of the Seca Formation, Coello River, Chicoral, Tolima. Undergraduate thesis. Eduardo J. Villamil R. 


2014. Mineralogical and geochemical characterization of dark mudstones from the Une and Chipaque formations in the Río Chuza basin, Páramo de Chingaza. Undergraduate thesis. Erika Cuida López.


2012. Mineralogical and environmental characterization of sediments of the Tequendama Member of the Tilatá Formation, in the Salto del Tequendama. Undergraduate thesis. Ferney Andrés Tangarife Escobar.


2009. Approach to the quantification of environmental liabilities related to mining in Ciudad Bolívar, Bogotá D.C. through multi-temporal analysis of aerial photographs and satellite images. Diana P. Lozano Z.

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