As a Research Group and as a NGO we have produced important knowledge in a variety of topics such as the creation of national and regional natural parks, paramos protection, analysis of Environmental Impact Studies (EIA), environmental audiences and assistance in tutelas.


This information has been disseminated in audiovisual and written media. Here, you can see some videos and read some of the news in which the findings and conclusions of some of our studies were transmitted.


All documents are filmed or written in Spanish, you will only find their titles and descriptions translated into English.

Páramo El Rabanal. Boyacá, Colombia.

In audiovisual media

La Macarena does not want exploitation but sustainable development


Participation of Julio Fierro Morales in "Semana en Vivo", to talk about environmental license in La Macarena.


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What is Fracking?

An explanation of how this technique works and what are its risks.
Thanks to Julio Fierro Morales for his advice on the subject.

Debate: Water and the Consequences of mining and oil development as economic driver forces

The importance of the páramos in the regulation of the hydrological cycle and its vulnerability to the sectoral activities like agriculture, stockbreeding, and mining.

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In written media


Fracking: the necessary environmental discussions.

Column belonging to the magazine "Semana Sostenible", in which the geologist Julio Fierro explains the process of implementation of the Fracking in Colombia and the environmental risks entailed by this new technique of exploitation of hydrocarbons.


Oil destroyed Puerto Asís water

The communities of this municipality of Putumayo accuse the company Vetra by the contamination of its waters. Although it has two sanctioning processes, ANLA extended the environmental license for 100 more wells. The geologist Julio Fierro mentions some of the impacts generated by the oil activity.


The history of the flora in Santuario Los Flamencos is reconstructed using pollen.

Interview with Juan Francisco Diaz about the results of his degree work carried out to obtain the title of Geologist.


The millenary stream that will change course due to a coal mine

Ana Maria Llorente talks about the implications of the diversion of the Arroyo Bruno in La Guajira within the framework of the Cerrejón mining project.


Pueblo Wayúu: Coal or Life

The Celeam, through Ana María Llorente Valbuena, describes who the Wayúu people are and why their ecological situation is relevant.


The river that was stolen

News from Univision regarding the documentary of Colombian journalist Gonzalo Guillén where researchers from TERRAE (Erika Cuida and Julio Fierro Morales) disseminate information on the environmental impacts of mining in Cerrejón.

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