Here you can download the most relevant documents produced by our NGO and Research Group. You will also find some documents of analysis of public policies and theses made by some of our members.


All documents are written in Spanish, you will only find their titles translated into English.

Research studies

Preliminary evaluation of surface water quality in areas affected by El Cerrejón carboniferous project, case of study arroyo Bruno, La Guajira - Colombia. Ana María Llorente Valbuena. TERRAE. June 2019

Arroyo Bruno and the threats of mining in its water quality, executive summary. 2019

Socio-environmental threats analysis of an open-pit gold mine: case study La Colosa, Cajamarca (Tolima). TERRAE geo-environmental research group. 2016.

Environmental considerations about the El Cerrejón coal project, operated by BHP Billiton, Angloamerican and Xstrata companies in La Guajira. Julio Fierro Morales and Ana María Llorente Valbuena. TERRAE. October 2016.

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Analysis documents

Mining in Colombia IV. Socioecological and post-conflict justice. Chapter 1. Intersectoral analysis on coal mining in Cesar department. Focused from a risk perspective. Julio Fierro Morales (Compiler). 2014.

Mining in Colombia III. Ecological damage and alternative mining model. Chapter 2. Contributions to the conceptualization of environmental damage and environmental liabilities by mining. Julio Fierro Morales and René López Camacho. 2014.

Mining in Colombia II. Institutionality and territory, paradoxes and conflicts. Chapter 4. A Synthetic Approach to Environmental Impacts of Non-Legal Mining. Julio Fierro Morales. 2013.

Mining in Colombia I. Fundamentals to overcome the extractive model. Chapter 3. Environmental and social implications of the extractive model in Colombia, Mauricio Cabrera Leal and Julio Fierro Morales. 2013.

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Palynological record and paleoecological history of the coastline of the closure of the Navio swamp, Sanctuary of fauna and flora of the Flamingos. 2016

Copia de-Sedimentology, petrography and provenance analysis of the Seca Formation, Coello River, Chicoral, Tolima. Eduardo J. Villamil R. 2016

Stratigraphic column of a Seca Formation - section located on the Coello river, corregimiento of Chicoral, municipality El Espinal, Tolima. Eduardo J. Villamil R. 2016

Mineralogical and geochemical characterization of dark mudstones from the Une and Chipaque formations in the Chuza River basin, Páramo de Chingaza. Erika Cuida López. 2014.

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