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I am a geologist with a degree in Geotechnics from the National University of Colombia. Professor of the Faculty of Engineering and the Institute of Environmental Studies of the National University of Colombia. Geoenvironmental researcher with special interest in subsoil study from conservation and natural hazards perspectives.


I have been an advisor to entities such as the General Comptroller, the Ministry of Environment, National Parks and the United Nations, as well as private companies, particularly in the field of civil engineering.


Co-Author of the books Políticas mineras en Colombia; Minería, Territorio y Conflicto en Colombia and the MINERÍA EN COLOMBIA series sponsored by the General Comptroller of the Republic. I have been a guest columnist for The Times, the magazine Reason Public and the university newspaper Unimedios.


My geological work have been focused mainly on lithological and tectonic studies for territorial planning, geological threats (particularly mass removal and seismicity) and hydrogeology. My studies are located in the center of the country, particularly in la Sabana de Bogota and on the eastern side of the Eastern Cordillera.


In addition, I have supported technically to social or institutional processes in defense of the territory in Bogotá DC, La Macarena (Meta), Cubará (territory U'wa), Tasco (Boyaca), Ibagué and Cajamarca (Tolima), Suroriente de Antioquia, Bucaramanga and Barrancabermeja (Santander), Barrancas and San Juan del César (Guajira), Cogua and Subachoque (Cundinamarca), Caldono (Cauca, Nasa territory), Geneva (Valle), Florence and Solano (Caqueta).

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