We are a non-profit organization, established in Bogota DC, Colombia, whose social object is to generate geoscientific knowledge and provide services to solve territorial problems and promote the generation and dissemination of information, care, conservation, preservation and a healthy coexistence with the natural environment.


The Geo-Environmental NGO TERRAE is a nonprofit organization integrated by geo-environmental professionals. It generates and spread knowledge to improve the technical base in which territorial and environmental planning decisions are made. It also supports communities in the care of the natural base of the territory they inhabit, through the integration of scientific information and ancestral knowledge.

Caño Canoas, Sierra de la Macarena.

Meta, Colombia.


We want to work with governmental and non-governmental companies, as well as with academia and communities, to become a reference organization in the generation and diffusion of knowledge, recognized for providing quality technical support in search of a good life.

In this way, we will help in the design of environmental and sectoral policies framed in international agreements such as the ethical use of territories, responsible water management and adaptation to climate change. In addition, we will promote and support the conservation of the regions that require special management due to their particularity and importance on geological, environmental and ancestral aspects. 


The corporation is composed by seven geologists and an environmental engineer. They put at the service of the communities all their knowledge with commitment and passion.